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Community Rules | General
kuzzzma wrote in all_papercraft
1. This community was created to provide a cosy place for LJ users to discuss and ask questions about any paper-related craft (not limited to paper models ).
Also members are encouraged:

  • - to show off their collections and finished projects
  • - share links of interest to fellow papercrafters
  • - publish their models
  • - write tutorials and how-tos

2. Community was created as international.
Posts can be written in any language, if possible - provide a simple summary in English.
Language tag is a MUST.

3. Members should:

  • - consider using post templates provided:
    • - finished project
    • - my collection
    • - my tools
    • - my model
    • - link

  • - use of tags is demanded (more about tags)
    • - language
    • - theme
    • - post type

    tags to your post can be corrected by mods.

  • - use previews and lj-cut
    • - post with single picture: image max width\height 500px, up to 100kb; without LJ-cut
    • - post with multiple pictures:
    • - one image as a preview (single picture post rules apply)
    • - other pictures after LJ-cut, with max width\height 900px, up to 200kb each

  • - credit authors of original content - provide author name and your source of information.


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